Kenneth August

Kenneth AugustKen "Gus" August is currently the cohost of "The Morning Blaze with Gus and Izzy" on KKBZ 105.1 in Fresno.

Before joining 105.1 The Blaze, Gus was the writer and host of "The Wrap Up with Ken August" on Extreme Talk XM. The news/opinion show dealt with the week's biggest stories...the least depressing way possible. At the same time, he was also a regular panel member on Extreme Talk XM's comedy show, "Bad Advice." A show where the advice was free and worth every penny.

Prior to that, Gus spent four years writing for the four-time Emmy-Nominated talk-show host, Ty Treadway, on the Emmy-Nominated talk-show, "Soap Talk." Although the show was not fortunate enough to win the Emmy, it was without a doubt, consistently funnier than "Doctor Phil."

In addition to being a radio personality, Gus is also an award winning filmmaker. He wrote and directed the feature film "...Or Forever Hold Your Peace." The film premiered at the Houston International Film Festival where it was highly praised for its "quick-witted" dialogue and took home a Remmy Award.

Gus also wrote the dark comedy "Fall," which was made into a feature-length film starring Joe Mantegna and Michael Madsen. Before that, he worked on numerous projects as an assistant director; working closely with such celebrities as Will Ferrell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rodney Dangerfield and Snoop Dogg.