...Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Duct Tape, Hand cuffs, Pornography...All the essentials for a reunion with your friends.

It started with the wedding rehearsal from hell. There was no bachelor party. The bride's family hosted the dinner in a "dry" county and guests who wanted to enjoy a cocktail had to drive an hour over the county line to do so. And from the very beginning of the affair it was clear that one would need large amounts of liquor to get through it. Gabe, Captain, Josh and Robin are reuniting for the wedding of one of their dearest childhood friends, who they lovingly call "Chief". But Chief, who now prefers to be called Daniel, is not exactly the same fun-loving guy they remember; and the gang is pretty sure his fiancé isn't helping. It seems that Daniel has recently "found God", as well as a cold, boring fiancé. The gang can only come to one conclusion: Chief's been brainwashed!

Being caring and devoted friends, they decide to take matters into their own hands. So they kidnap him, handcuff him to a chair in their hotel room and embark on a mission to "deprogram" their friend before he makes, what they feel, will be the biggest mistake of his life. The kidnapping takes them on an emotional ride where they learn that growing up sometimes means letting go... Sometimes.

This feature-length dark-comedy, written and directed by Kenneth "Gus" August, premiered at the Houston International Film Festival where it took home the Bronze Remmy Award. For information about the availability of this film please email us at kaugust72@gmail.com or by phone at 310-430-4563.