It's "Best In Show" meets The World Series of Poker when this odd group of poker amateurs head to Las Vegas to try to compete for the world's biggest poker prize!


For $10,000 even you can compete in the World Series of Poker. That's right! Paying your entry fee is the only requirement to playing in the World's biggest poker tournament. With that in mind, the poker website "Poker Nation" has decided to follow these unique, amateur poker players as they compete for the largest prize in poker tournament history.

Erwin is a male, high-school nurse in his mid thirties who lives with his mother. He's been saving his money for over ten years to pay for this tournament. The only problem is, he's not good. At least, not yet. Can his friends help him in time?

Jules, a 21 year old adopted Asian boy, was lucky enough to win his entry fee while playing poker online. Jules knows his cards but seems to have a very hard time dealing with people. His adopted father once described him as being "like Rain Man, but without all the social skills."

Herb (70s), a former CPA and the inventor of the Legwarmer, is the only amateur we follow who is not worried about the entry fee. He's been playing cards for years and he likes a good challenge, as well as anything that keeps him away from his wife for several hours at a time.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, loud redneck Zack Stevens (30s) is trying to win enough money at the casino boats to cover his entry fee... and maybe quit his job at the AMPM.

Lastly, we have Wanda (I wouldn't ask her her age). She's a foulmouthed, elderly Asian dealer who knows the game very well but can't afford the entry fee. At least, not yet.

So who will you be rooting for when our characters all attempt to become the newest champion of The World Series of Poker? This feature length comedy is currently available. For more information please email us at or by phone at 310-430-4563.

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