Reel Enough - A new sitcom in the style of "The Office" by Ken August


What if you take Steve Carrell out of The Office, turn him into Kathy Griffin and have her run the most popular reality show in the world?


It's time for the new season of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST--- SEASON 12-LIVE IN LICHTENSTEIN!"... Yeah, it doesn't exactly bring about the same excitement as it did in say season 5, "Battle in Bali" or even season 8, "Gassy in Denmark." The shows creator, VICKY, master of the "me first, and me second" mentality is determined to bring the former reality show giant back to prominence. However, after a surprise visit from PHIL, the network exec and Vicky's ex-husband, it doesn't look like she's going to get that chance. Citing declining ratings and suggesting that perhaps Vicky lost her creative edge in the divorce settlement, Phil lets her know that this is probably going to be the last season of the former prime-time juggernaut. Equally determined to keep her gravy train rolling as well as wipe that smile off her ex-husbands face, Vicky is willing to do anything to make sure that this is the most watched season of Survival of the Fittest ever.

This pilot is currently available. For more information please email or by phone at 310-430-4563.

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